Northlane’s highly anticipated fifth studio album, „Alien“, is released this Friday August 2nd via UNFD and to add to the excitement, the band has released a brand-new video for „Eclipse“.

“’Eclipse‘ is an attempt to understand the reasons and motivations behind the things my father did. When everything else in his life went wrong, he took it out on my sister and I. It’s easy to say that he was just a bad father but it was a bit more complicated than that. Despite trying to see it through his eyes, I’ve promised myself that I will never turn out like him, as a father, a husband or a man”, explains vocalist Marcus Bridge.

„Eclipse“ is the follow up to the „Bloodline“ video, also directed by Jason Eshraghian.

Marcus Bridge adds: “I had a very clear vision for the ‚Eclipse‘ video and Jason absolutely nailed it. To mirror the theme of the lyrics, I wanted the viewer to literally see the world through my father’s eyes. You see all the awful stuff we went through as children but also what led him to do those things. Like the ‚Bloodline‘ video, this will make some people uncomfortable but unfortunately this is a reality for a lot of people”.

For a band that has traditionally focused on wider issues in the outside world, „Alien“ is easily the most personal statement of their career. “I was raised in hell but I made it out”, says Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge. “Raised in a place I shouldn’t have been, and no child should have been. But I’ve been able to break free”.